Business Law

At Bradley, Gmelich & Wellerstein LLP in Glendale, our business lawyers arm our California business clients with the knowledge and representation they need to make sound decisions on corporate matters, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial exchanges. Since 2000, advice given by our skilled team of attorneys has been advantageous to clients in various industries.  Our extensive experience in business litigation and general transactional practice enables us to recognize the various possible avenues to execute a transaction and to present clients with a range of options. We understand that although two businesses must come together to make a deal, sometimes the most favorable terms are not possible, so other options must be explored. We work closely with our clients to analyze every aspect of a transaction to help our clients decide what is best for their business.

Business Advice

Proper corporate governance is essential for businesses to ensure that the protections of entity formation are in place. We advise and counsel businesses in both typical business issues as well as employment law issues that spring up unexpectedly.


The details of service agreements and sale of goods contracts can be the most important factor in determining whether the business relationship will be profitable and within acceptable risks. We draft and revise these documents, whether to create a template for our clients’ businesses or to revise other parties’ contracts. We provide timely review of all business contracts, and can negotiate terms on our clients’ behalf as well.


We are well-prepared to handle complex litigation. Our attorneys know how to manage complex discovery, build compelling cases and diligently represent clients in all forms of dispute resolution, including jury and nonjury trials.

Asset/Equity Issues

We counsel and develop transactional strategies to protect our clients’ assets and address equity issues within business organizations.

Breach of Contract Disputes

Contracts frequently are the focus of disputes between businesses, contractors, subcontractors and individuals. Our command of contract law and our skills in resolving disputes are an advantage to our clients in resolving contract disputes.

Licensing and Audits

Private security guard licensing in California is very complex with myriad of rules and regulations enforced by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.  Through our extensive years of experience representing Private Patrol Operators of all sizes, we have the skill and know-how to assist businesses in becoming and remaining legal and compliant in all aspects of private security programs and licensing. We prepare private patrol operators for administrative audits to minimize risks inherent in the process.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Selling or buying another business may be one of the most important decisions a business owner makes. We assist in the drafting, negotiating and implementation of business entity sales, and work closely with the CPAs to ensure the best tax benefits are attained.

Entity Formation

Business formation, counseling and advice: Protecting your business interests is best served through proactive legal guidance. We advise businesses of all sizes to manage risk and reduce exposure to litigation in a wide range of areas, including real estate matters, employment law contracts and transactional matters.

Intellectual Property

Copyright infringement on simple licensing can occur from the most innocent of tasks.  We assist clients who are sued for infringement of copyright, and take steps to protect a business’ intellectual properties.

Trade Secret Protection

Unfair competition and the misappropriation of trade secrets can significantly harm a company. We regularly advise businesses on ways to protect proprietary information, and represent businesses and individuals in resolving trade secret disputes.

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At Bradley, Gmelich & Wellerstein LLP we take a comprehensive approach to meeting your needs. Our team of attorneys includes specialists in business transaction law and employment law, as well as all aspects of civil litigation, from investigation, research and discovery through negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, trial, and appeal. Let our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys support your company’s success. When you need expert assistance with business planning, document preparation, employee issues, manual writing, employee training, civil litigation or even help to sell your business if needed, we’re here for you.

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