Cannabis Law, Licensing, and Litigation

Clear Vision In A Cloudy Industry

The attorneys at Bradley, Gmelich & Wellerstein LLP provide comprehensive legal services to the California cannabis industry. We represent growers and distributors of all kinds in matters such as Licensing, Compliance, Premises Liability, Products Liability, Business Transactions, Business and Contract Litigation, and Employment Law.

Licensing and contractual-related services for California cannabis companies

From making sure that you are in compliance with the ever-changing laws and regulations, to the drafting, negotiation and review of contracts for possible liability, our team of skilled legal professionals work to ensure our clients’ interests are protected. Our attorneys are also skilled in the area of business consulting, tailored to a cannabis company’s expanding needs.

California cannabis law

In addition to addressing the licensing and liability issues that California cannabis growers and distributors face, our legal services also address a wide range of legal matters concerning:

  • Cannabis Licensing
  • Retail Location Requirements
  • Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Compliance
  • Security and Negligent Security Litigation
  • Security Regulations and Requirements
  • Track and Trace Requirements
  • Distribution/Transportation
  • Point of Sale Requirements
  • Packaging
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Cultivation Plan and Security Plan Requirements
  • Cannabis Events
  • Sampling Requirements
  • Chain of Custody (COC) Issues
  • Laboratory Testing and Reporting
  • Laboratory Quality Assurance and Quality Control

When cannabis industry clients retain Bradley, Gmelich & Wellerstein LLP, they’re not getting the skills of just one lawyer. They’re getting a team of business law attorneys with a vast breadth and depth of expertise working to ensure the best possible result for their business.

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At Bradley, Gmelich & Wellerstein LLP we take a comprehensive approach to meeting your needs. Owners of California cannabis companies can get focused, dedicated legal support from a law firm that knows their industry. Bradley, Gmelich & Wellerstein LLP has developed a niche practice that provides sound advice on cannabis licensing and compliance, business and employment law matters, and strong litigation representation all the way through trial and appeal.

When you need expert assistance with litigation, business planning, document preparation, employee issues, manual writing, employee training or even help selling your business if needed, we’ll be there for you.

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