General Civil Litigation

Skilled defense against negligence claims

Since 2000, Bradley, Gmelich & Wellerstein LLP has earned a strong reputation for quality representation at all stages of civil litigation: negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, trial, and appeal. We are large enough to marshal the resources for high-stakes lawsuits, yet committed to providing each client with close, personal attention. Our litigators have varied backgrounds in civil trial work and criminal prosecutions, and draw on this rich experience to deliver effective representation that strives for exceptional results.

Insurance Defense

Representation for insurance carriers and their policyholders in a wide variety of insurance-related claims and litigation, including personal injury defense arising from automobile and/or trucking accidents, premises liability, products liability, construction defect and many more.

Products Liability

Suits brought against manufacturers or sellers for placing a defective product into consumers’ hands.

Personal Injury

Legal disputes that arise when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury, and someone else might be legally responsible for that harm.

Premises Liability

The liability that a landowner or occupier has for damages that occur on their property. Examples include injuries that occur due to uneven pavement, building code violations, wet floors, etc.

Security Guard Defense

Litigation and potential liability based on claims arising from third-party criminal acts, dangerous conditions of the property and/or claims that excessive force was used by individual guards.

Construction Defect

Lawsuits concerning defects in construction design, workmanship and/or materials used that fail, thereby causing physical and financial damage to person or property.

Managing a wide variety of civil disputes

The types of cases we handle include negligence claims, commercial contractual disputes and defense to intentional torts. We have enjoyed success defending against claims of unsafe conditions of property, third-party liability for criminal conduct, products liability, construction liability, allegations of failure to exercise reasonable care, employment law disputes and other claims of general negligence.

In addition, we have represented insurance companies in many automobile cases, ranging in complexity from minor impact cases to those involving death or permanent disability. Often these cases involve fraudulent (SIU) claims, which we are extremely successful in ferreting out. The premises liability actions that we routinely handle involve injuries not only from the condition of the property itself but also from dangerous or nearby criminal activity.

Focusing on winning prior to trial

Many of these suits can be won — and should be won — prior to trial. In our law and motion department, we develop legal arguments geared toward the crafting of a tight, well-reasoned motion for summary judgment. We have an outstanding record of developing successful motion work, employing such defenses as lack of causation, assumption of the risk, waiver and release, and lack of any legally enforceable duty of care.

Saving time and expense through alternative dispute resolution

We make full use of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) options, such as mediation or binding arbitration, when such participation is appropriate and cost-effective for our clients. However, the members of our business firm also enjoy a successful track record in trying our cases before juries throughout the state. In either case, we remain client-centered, keeping in mind our clients’ interests and needs.

Appellate attorneys at the ready

Our appellate lawyers have strong backgrounds in general civil litigation and work closely with trial counsel to help preserve issues for appeal. Consequently, they are able to help draft motions for summary judgment with an eye on the appellate ramifications, before the matter is even heard by the trial court. The depth and range of our experience increases efficiency in our pretrial and trial work. Our appellate attorneys are always available to assist our trial counsel, whether before, during or after trial. If an appeal becomes necessary, our appellate attorneys provide clients with skilled representation. Our success on appeal has won our firm an enviable reputation.

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At Bradley, Gmelich & Wellerstein LLP we are not just concerned with your impending legal defense case. We take a comprehensive approach to meeting your needs. Our large team of highly-specialized attorneys can also help you with matters related to business law, employment law and other areas of civil litigation, including contracts, employee handbooks, compliance and much more.

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