Construction Defect

The attorneys at Bradley, Gmelich & Wellerstein LLP have extensive experience defending builders and developers against construction defect claims. In the construction field, the builder/developer is generally held responsible for all defective conditions, even if the actual work was performed by a subcontractor or if the defective materials used in construction are manufactured by someone else. This can require “chasing” of the subcontractors, who might not be insured.

  • Insurance Contracts and Coverage
  • Soils Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Cost Estimating
  • Real Estate Appraising
  • Statistical Analysis and Random Sampling Methodologies
  • Complex Litigation Techniques

Sound advice for construction defect damage mitigation

At Bradley, Gmelich & Wellerstein LLP, we pride ourselves on being proactive. We employ preventive measures with our clients to help them avoid construction defect litigation altogether. Our business law attorneys review client operations, with a focus on policies, procedures and best practices. Our many years of experience tell us that preventing a lawsuit is far less expensive than litigating one. However, when our clients face actions, claims of negligence and/or lawsuits, our attorneys have the trial experience and are ready and able to defend against construction defect allegations.

Construction defect representation

If dismissal or a favorable settlement doesn’t occur before trial, the Bradley & Gmelich team is ready to litigate the case before the courts. Our team of highly skilled attorneys have years of experience representing and winning cases for our clients.

Talented appellate lawyers drive our success

Our litigators benefit from the advice of our appellate lawyers, who often work in partnership with our trial attorneys when it appears that a matter might proceed on appeal. Our appellate lawyers have a strong background in general civil litigation. Consequently, they are able to help draft motions for summary judgment with an eye on the appellate ramifications before the matter is even heard by the trial court. The depth and range of our experience increases efficiency in our pretrial and trial work. Our appellate attorneys are always available to assist our trial counsel, whether before, during or after trial. If an appeal becomes necessary, our appellate attorneys provide clients with skilled representation. Our success on appeal has won our firm an enviable reputation.

More than just a defense team

At Bradley, Gmelich & Wellerstein LLP we are not just concerned with your impending construction defect legal defense case. We take a comprehensive approach to meeting your needs. Our large team of highly-specialized attorneys can also help you with matters related to business law, employment law and other areas of civil litigation, including contracts, employee handbooks, compliance and much more.

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