Practices | Wage & Hour Compliance + Litigation

Our Employment Law Team uses a problem-solving approach to guide employers through the complex maze of laws regulating non-exempt (hourly) employee compensation issues. We routinely advise California employers on wage and hour issues before litigation arises, targeting common pitfalls that often lead to substantial litigation.

Our attorneys are experienced in both state and federal law issues, and assist employers in areas such as:

  • Overtime
  • Minimum wage requirements
  • Meal and rest periods
  • Travel time
  • Exemptions for executive, administrative and professional employees
  • Independent contractors
  • Paid sick leave
  • Vacation pay
  • Alternative work schedules
  • Pay stub requirements
  • PAGA – The “Sue Your Boss” Law
  • Uniform and tool requirements
  • Equal pay rules
  • Payday rules
  • Rounding
  • Day-of-rest rules