BG+W Simplify

A Business & Employment Law Subscription Program

The BG+W Simplify program is a subscription-based, legal services program to help you run your business effectively and in compliance with your legal obligations as an employer.



Helping You Run Your Business Effectively And Legally

With your monthly subscription, you are provided a comprehensive, customized suite of essential employment practice documents, policies, procedures, business documents, contract templates and regulatory documentation – all with annual reviews and updates, and more if applicable.


Providing Answers To Your Important Business And Employment Issues

Every month, you will get 2 hours of direct access to our experienced business and employment law attorneys who are ready to help you manage your business and employee-related issues, no matter how
small and large.

Direct Access - Law Subscription Program


Direct access to experienced business and employment law counsel on retainer for questions and issues that arise in the workplace.
Peace of Mind knowing your business is compliant with all laws

Peace of Mind

Essential business and employment practice documents, customized for your business needs, with annual updates (and more as laws change) to help you stay on top of your legal compliance obligations as an employer.
Predictable costs for legal representation


A predictable legal budget from outside counsel, saving your company thousands of dollars annually.

In addition to your monthly subscription hours, the following essential documents are included:
  • Employee Handbook
  • Application Packet
  • New Hire Checklist
  • Arbitration Agreement with Class Action Waiver
  • California Consumer Privacy Act Notice
  • Background Authorization Forms
  • Disciplinary Action Form
  • Equipment and Uniform Agreement
  • Employee Timesheet
  • Site Survey Template for Application of On-Duty Meal Agreement
  • On-Duty Meal Period Agreement and Waivers
  • Injury Illness Prevention Plan
  • Heat Illness Prevention Plan
  • General Services Contract
  • Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation Agreement
  • Corporate Governance/Compliance Checklist
  • BSIS Compliance Checklist
  • Termination Checklist
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Plan
  • Final Pay Acknowledgment

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BG+W Simplify: Business & Employment Counsel Program™

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